Thesis II (J. Culbreath, Perez, Tejeda)

  • Showings:
  • Tech: March 8, 10-12
  • Performances: March 13-15
    • Josh Culbreath's work will be performed only on March 14th
  • Location: Space Place Theatre
  • Chairs: Rebekah Kowal, Mindy Myers, Eloy Barragán
  • Lighting Designer: 
  • Stage Manager: 

Thesis II: January 13, 2025

Ground plan and build week plan proposal submitted

Space Place/Site Specific seating arrangement request DUE

Any part of performance not occurring on stage proper request DUE

To Don Schneider:
Thesis II: January 13, 2025Video/projector proposal DUE

To Rachel Duncan: rachel-duncan@uiowa.edu


Emily Berkheimer: emily-berkheimer@uiowa.edu

Thesis II: January 13, 2025Microphone and sound equipment request DUE

To Rachel Duncan: rachel-duncan@uiowa.edu


Chris Jensen: christopher-jensen-1@uiowa.edu

Thesis II: January 21-24, 2025Scene Shop build week

In Hancher Scene Shop

Shop Hours 8am-5pm

Thesis II: February 17, 2025Special lighting requests from lighting designer DUETo Josh Nathanson: joshua-nathanson@uiowa.edu
Thesis II: February 26, 2025Receive final approval for scenic items, ground plan, seating arrangementsFrom Don Schneider
Thesis II: February 26, 2025Receive final approval for digital media, projections/video, sound equipmentFrom Emily Berkheimer, Rachel Duncan
Thesis II: February 12, 2025Haze request DUETo KatyBeth Schmid: catherine-schmid@uiowa.edu
Thesis II: January 23, 2025Deadline to submit Guest Artist InformationTo Jason Millsap: jason-millsap@uiowa.edu
Thesis II:Completed marketing program information form DUE

To Kayla Schindler: kayla-schindler@uiowa.edu 

Thesis II:

Thesis II: February 24, 2025Music, Preshow Music, and Custom Preshow Announcement Recording Request DUETo Kevin Swenson:
Thesis II: February 28, 2025Film a run of your piece and send linkTo Stage Manager and Lighting Designer
Thesis II: March 5, 2025Cue Sheets due to Stage ManagerTo Stage Manager
Monday after Closing

Remove from theatre all items brought in for performance

Return all check out costumes and props

Return all items purchased with your department provided thesis money

Return keys

 Costumes to Juliana Waechter, Brendan Dudgeon

Props to Reese Morgan

Purchases to KatyBeth Schmid, Cindy Kubu, Don Schneider, Gina Smothers

HH Keys to Molly Dahlberg, Space Place Keys to KatyBeth Schmid