ACDA Information

Selection rules from ACDA – Up to 2 pieces may be presented for adjudication. At least one of these must be student choreographed. There is a 12-minute maximum for each piece. One additional piece may be shown in the informal concert. This piece can be choreographed by a student or faculty member. There is a 10-minute maximum for the informal concert piece.

Departmental selection process – Faculty and student choreographers will self-nominate their works or faculty will nominate the works of others by checking a box on their production forms at the time of proposing a work or by responding to a Qualtrics survey from the Administrative Specialist. Any work produced in the previous academic year or the current Dance Gala is eligible. Before submitting their pieces for consideration, dance-makers will confirm the participation of their cast members. The Administrative Specialist will compile footage of eligible pieces in OneDrive and distribute to faculty for nominating and again for voting. The Administrative Specialist will create a Qualtrics survey and distribute this to faculty for voting. The two pieces with the most votes may be selected for adjudication, while the third most voted piece may be shown in the informal concert. The exact number of works going to ACDA will depend on the costs of registration and travel and the funds available. The faculty member or grad student whose work has the most votes will be notified and will have two business days to confirm that they accept the responsibilities of the lead faculty member that are outlined below. If they decline, their work is ineligible and the top spot will go to the next piece in line with that dancemaker taking on the lead faculty member’s responsibilities, and so on

  • Compile nomination list and distribute video footage.
  • Distribute Qualtrics survey for voting and report results.
  • Set up registration account on ACDA website and pay for initial registration of all attending faculty and students with p-card.
  • Provide lead faculty member with account information for future updates.
  • Make initial hotel reservations.
  • Answer logistical questions from faculty on travel support from the university (e.g. MFK numbers, help with getting a p-card, etc.)
  • Set up registration for DANC:4888 and 6888 Special Project Student Performance in Spring 2024, so that participating students will receive performance credit for participation.

  • Receive and respond to emails from ACDA and hosting university.
  • Update registration or travel reservations with new details, if necessary. This may include adding a student attendee, gathering program information, submitting technical information, and/or cancelling or adding hotel rooms.
  • Coordinate transportation with the assistance of other attending faculty and grads.
  • Keep up with deadlines relating to submission of production information.
  • Apply for and/or use a p-card for travel and registration expenses. 
  • Set up trip for all attendees in ProTrav. (Contact Nick Shatkus at uss-dance@uiowa.edu for assistance with ProTrav).
  • Schedule informal showing of works if this is desired.
  • Delegate duties to other attending faculty and grads as needed.

  • Follow ACDA guidelines on length and technical production elements and agree to adjust works to fit these guidelines, if necessary. 
  • Schedule studio time and rehearse pieces using Dance Studio Request Form.
  • Submit technical information, such as lighting plot and set/props information, to the lead faculty member for submission by ACDA deadlines.
  • Communicate with students about necessary information, such as workshop opportunities at the festival, rehearsal information, and travel plans.