Not Seriously

A fantasia of life’s moments too big for words.

DirectorSøren Olsen
Stage ManagerNat Payán
First RehearsalFebruary 26
Load In/Tech /DressRequested Load In — March 18th 
March 19-21
PerformancesMarch 22, 23, 24th
Roles to be castAgeGenderDescription
Company Members

All actors cast in this production will be contributing creators of the physical stage action. Collaboratively, they will devise images and scenes containing movement, character, and story.


Actors can expect to play multiple characters with solo scenes and ensemble moments.


All roles are movement-based, though talking, or forms of talking, will likely be involved as well.



The Process:

This process will focus on you, the conduit to creative imagination. We will exercise every participant’s ability to imagine and then enact. The collective thought, zeitgeist, will author the performance material we create, and the individual pieces seen within will have been generated, honed, and performed by the ensemble.  Be an instigator and developer in this entirely original movement-based performance work.


NoticesThis show will not rehearse over spring break except for potentially Saturday 3/9 or Sunday 3/17.
Important Dates/Holidays2/19 Presidents’ Day (Fed. Observed), 2/24 Magha Puja Day, 3/8 Maha Shivaratri, ​​​​3/10 Daylight Savings Begins, 3/10-3/17 Spring Break, 3/10-4/9 Ramadan*, 3/17 St. Patrick's Day, 3/18 Beginning of Lent (Orthodox), 3/19 Equinox (Mabon/Ostata)


Not Seriously 



Wednesday, Nov. 15th 6:30PM – 7:30PM 


166 TB 

Emily Armstrong 

Lucas De La Rosa 

Gabby Johnson 

Aleesa Lavrenko 

Tessa Ramsden 

Charlie Schmelzer 

Elaina Singleton 

Jillian Witt 


Please email nat-payan@uiowa.edu to confirm you will or will not be in attendance by 3:00PM on Wednesday, Nov. 15th. 


Stage management will be outside the door to check you in. Due to the nature of our production, please be sure to wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in. Please contact Nat Payán (nat-payan@uiowa.edu) or Søren Olsen (soren-olsen@uiowa.edu) with any questions, conflicts, or concerns. 

Cast List for Sincerely, Not Seriously

Questions or concerns?

Søren Olsen, Director: soren-olsen@uiowa.edu

Nat Payán, Stage Manager: nat-payan@uiowa.edu